Company Overview


MISSION Shape our future with smart technologies for global resource sustainability and climate challenges.


WE ARE PIONEERS. We revolutionized the way wind resource assessment was done over 36 years ago. Today, this heritage of innovation informs everything we do. As we continue to design and manufacture smart technologies for a more sustainable planet, we are driven by the same spirit of ingenuity that has guided us since the beginning. This also holds true for our dedication to maintaining a workplace that fosters personal growth, balance, and fulfillment. Our wellness initiatives – which have been in place since before they were de rigueur – give employees the tools they need to be the best versions of themselves, at work and beyond. 

WE ARE BELIEVERS IN SIMPLICITY AND USABILITY. NRG Systems’ remarkably user-friendly products are designed with our customers in mind. Our solutions can be found in more than 170 countries – a testament to their technical adaptability as well as to our commitment to providing systems and services that function on a global scale. Starting with our responsive global sales team and extending to our short lead times and lifetime technical support guarantee, our dedication to straightforward, customer-centric support has strongly influenced how we help facilitate all phases of project development. 

WE ARE RELATIONSHIP PEOPLE. We are dedicated to making our customers’ lives easier. That’s why our team is constantly on the move, zigzagging the globe to speak at conferences, meet with customers, and lead trainings and installations. The insights gleaned from these experiences allow us to continually improve everything from our products and services to our internal processes, so that we can better serve our customers’ evolving needs. We have also enjoyed decades-long, trusted relationships with many of our dealers, technical partners, and vendors, and they have been vital to our longevity in this ever-changing market. Within our own walls, we continue to build a team that values loyalty, comradery, and community. Our comprehensive hiring process helps us get to know prospective employees on a variety of levels and vice versa. We have found that this holistic approach leads to stronger, more stable company growth and greater employee satisfaction.

WE ARE COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABILITY. Our dedication to sustainability does not stop at our products. This is our purpose and it inspires everything we do, how we do it, and what we strive every day to help create. We support like-minded nonprofit organizations, champion climate change awareness through education and activism, and incentivize our employees to lessen their carbon footprints. We are always mindful of our own impact on the environment and continue to refine our processes accordingly, because for us, walking the talk is nonnegotiable.

WE ARE FORWARD-LOOKING. As veterans in the renewable energy space, we could easily stick with what we know. But as new and unprecedented climate challenges continue to spring forth, we are reminded that there are new problems that need solving. We continue to develop technology, expanding the scope of our business, so that we can keep forging a more sustainable path for the changing planet and its inhabitants.

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NRG Systems
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